Volunteer Opportunities

Join The Team and Make A Difference!

We have numerous volunteer positions available at Beloved Rabbits, ranging from hands-on rabbit care roles, social media, fundraising, finance and administration.

Have a look through our current vacancies below, and simply follow the online application process to be considered for each role.

Rabbit Foster Carer

A highly rewarding voluntary role, central to the improvement of rabbit welfare conditions in Central Scotland!

Do it from your own home, in your own time.

Rabbit Care Team

Join our on-site rabbit care team at our Rescue Support Centre, The Hoppy Hub.  You will be supporting our appointments, hands-on care and rabbit bonding activities.

Opportunities for ages 12+

Rehoming Support Team

Our Rehoming Support Team work closely with rabbit owners who need help exploring options for finding their rabbits a new home, helping address the demands of the Rabbit Welfare Crisis.

Opportunities suitable to adults only.

Social Media, Awareness & Education

Help further the cause of our work as part of our Social Media & Content Team or our Education Awareness Team.  You will help promote our activities, campaigns and create media and education content.

Opportunities for ages 12+

Fundraising & Community

Keep our work active through various fundraising events and activities and community events, including our new Rabbit Owner Cafes.  Creating a community of support ensures we can all enjoy our rabbits.

Opportunities for ages 12+

Transport & Practical Help

Could you help with transporting rabbits across our network?  Do you enjoy lending a hand when its needed - DIY, supporting medical cases, moving and repairing equipment, and more.

Opportunities for adults only.

Management & Financial

With hundreds of rabbits passing through our services every year, over 100 volunteers, a shop, social and fundraising activities, the charity relies on our volunteer managers and finance team to keep things running.

Opportunities for adults only.

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We're a small charity, but we pride ourselves in our creative thinking.

Combining knowledge and guidance from the latest rabbit welfare research, and the benefits of social media and digital technologies, we provide an easy to access range of services for rabbit owners.

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We're all here because we love rabbits and we are driven to make a real difference for rabbit welfare in Scotland.

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We love to talk to each other about rabbits, sharing our experience across the team and getting together socially too.

The support for each other is second-to-none, and why many of the volunteers find Beloved Rabbits rewarding.