Anandoned, Cruelty or Neglect

If you have found an abandoned rabbit, or are aware of a case of potential cruelty or neglect, please call us on 0141 280 3272 for assistance.

Where possible we will look to assist with rescuing the rabbit and finding a temporary or permanent home for the rabbit following any emergency care or treatment that may be required.

It is a criminal offence to abandon an animal, and in such cases we will also report the case to relevant authorities and assist with providing enough detail and evidence to pursue a prosecution.


Requesting Help For Rescue or Rehoming

Rescue Services are for SCOTLAND only!

Need Help With Rehoming?

If you need our help to provide your rabbits care and to find them a new, permanent home with one of our adopters, please get in touch today.

Why pick Beloved Rabbits for rehoming your rabbit?

  • No judgement – only you can understand your circumstances and why you can no longer continue to care for your rabbit(s). Our priority is to be there to offer the support you need.
  • Range of environments for your rabbits – whether its outdoors or indoors, our foster care network allows us to provide loads of space and meet the needs of your rabbit(s).
  • Full vet health check and veterinary care – via our partnered vets we will ensure you rabbit(s) are given all the routine and emergency veterinary care they require from neutering, vaccinations, dental procedures and much, much more.
  • Homechecked Adopters – every adopter has to go through our detailed homecheck procedure to ensure that your rabbit(s) will be rehomed to a family offering loads of space, the perfect diet and lifetime of love.
  • Supporting Bonding – our adoption policy promotes keeping rabbits in pairs and small groups to meet their need for social interaction, unless there are medical reasons why this would not be appropriate for your rabbit. Adopters get full bonding support to ensure rabbits are happily and safely bonded together in their new homes.
  • We are always here – if things don’t go to plan, and an adopter’s circumstances change, your rabbit(s) are returned to Beloved Rabbits to continue their positive rehoming experience.
  • We do not have salaries to cover – all the money donated to us goes directly on rabbit welfare activity.

It’s worth the wait

Rabbits, the UK's 3rd most popular pet, are also the most abandoned, neglected and misunderstood pet in Britain. As a result, we are often full, and so may need to add you to our waiting list for rehoming.

However, we always review your circumstances and prioritise our list based on need, so please do not let that put you off submitting a request for help. As soon as we are able to offer you support, we will be in touch to make further arrangements.

Click here to submit your rehoming request now.

Rehoming Criteria:

  • You must give us your details, including name, address and contact telephone number. You will be asked to provide as much information as you can about the pet, including medical history.
  • You may be required to allow us to visit you at your home to check on the rabbit(s) and to take photographs as appropriate, prior to us being able to remove the rabbit(s) from your home.
  • You must be willing to continue to provide adequate care for your rabbit(s) until such time as we have identified a foster carer vacancy.
  • You must be contactable and be willing to arrange a collection time or drop-off within 48 hours notice.
  • We will offer you an opportunity to make a donation upon surrendering your rabbit(s). Donations are optional, but we would ask you to consider our costs in terms of transport, administration, veterinary fees, food, bedding & equipment which are required to allow us to offer the service. Our costs can range on average from £60-£200 depending on circumstances.

Need Help With Rehoming?

If you need our help to provide your rabbits care and to find them a new, permanent home with one of our adopters, please get in touch today.