Ready For Adoption

The rabbits listed below are now ready to reserve for adoption today.

We would encourage you to consider rabbits marked as Ready NOW! as we can arrange for their adoption very quickly.

Those awaiting procedures such as neutering may have a delay of 3-6 weeks pending treatment and recovery.

Alternatively, check back regularly for our updated list of rabbits.

Did You Know?

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Although we display our rabbits that are now ready for adoption, we often have between 50 and 80 rabbits in our care here at Beloved Rabbits.

Some of these rabbits may have recently arrived and still need time to be assessed, neutered and socialised before they are ready for an adoptive home.

Others may have some initial health concerns, and need a great deal of TLC from their foster carer before being considered for adoption.

Ready To Adopt Our Rabbits?

Once you’ve had a look through and created your short-list, complete our adoption form to secure your rabbits today.

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