Our Services

Rescue & Rehoming

Do you have an urgent change in circumstances and need your rabbit cared for?  Are you aware of a stray, neglected or abandoned rabbit needing help?

Rehoming Assistance

Our Rehoming Assistance Programme allows you to benefit from our adoption and home check services whilst the rabbits remain in your care.


Find out about our adoption process and welcome some of our rabbit(s) into your family.  View all our rabbits available for adoption online today.

Bonding Support

Rabbits are sociable and must be kept in pairs or small groups.  Our Bonding Support services ensure you introduce your rabbits safely and happily.

Rabbit Supplies

We provide competitively priced rabbit-safe products, including food, bedding, treats, toys, accessories, cleaning and health products.

Education & Welfare Advice

Latest research on pet rabbit welfare needs has developed incredibly in recent years. We can help you ensure you provide the best care for your rabbits.

Faith Before After

Our Mission Statement

Creating a better future for domestic rabbits through improved rabbit welfare standards, education, supporting rabbit owners and providing homes for rabbits in need throughout Scotland.

'Cause Everybunny Matters
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100% Accountable

We are Scotland's only charity dedicated specifically to rabbit rescue activities.

As a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation we are obligated to submit annual reports to OSCR.


100% Volunteer Ran

We don't have any staffing related costs, meaning all our charitable funds are spent directly on our objectives.

Every penny is used to improve rabbit welfare standards here in Scotland.


Passion & Experience

We have been rescuing rabbits since 2010.  Our team have decades of rabbit welfare experience as owners and rescuers.

We partner with Scotland's best rabbit-savvy veterinary and welfare professionals.