Meet The Team

Here we introduce you to our Board of Trustees and the charity's Management Team (committee).

We also give an indication of the other teams and roles involved in running Beloved Rabbits on a day-to-day basis, with over 100 volunteers across the entire team.

Board of Trustees



Director & Chair

Growing up there were always rabbits on the farm, but it was mainly my brother who had them. My involvement came much later when a girlfriend got me interested in owning rabbits. Being a dog person originally I was surprised how intelligent and interactive they could be, and I have been rabbit daft ever since.

As director of the charity I tend to get involved in all aspects of what we do here, but primarily I help support the various teams of volunteers and give the guidance needed to keep things ticking over smoothly. I have a very active involvement in the charity's day-to-day, and in particular manage the rescue arrivals and rehoming waiting list.

Rabbits, and more specifically managing the charity, has now evolved from being a hobby to being a way of life. It's not always easy and there are certainly challenging times when dealing with the often upsetting conditions in which some rabbits arrive. But nevertheless, it is highly rewarding to know we are playing our part, and are making a very real difference to rabbit welfare in Scotland. Seeing the work we do result in new hope and a lease of life to each rabbit in our care is something I would find very difficult to give up!




I was never really an animal person growing up - didn't really understand why you would want an animal living in your house.

But when I met David, the rabbits were really part of the deal.  And when he introduced them to me I was amazed at how interactive, and intelligent they were.

When I then learned about what a raw deal they got as domesticated pets, I could see why we had to get involved and do something about it.

Much as I have now grown to love our rabbits, it is very much the people side of the charity that motivates me.  I love that, whilst saving so many rabbit lives, we can also help improve the lives of our people - be that our supporters, adopters or volunteers.

I am very proud of what we have achieved as we watch young people who joined the charity in their early teens develop skills that see them accepted on to universities and colleges and even on to careers in the animal care and veterinary industries.  It is really heart warming not only to see them succeed in meeting their dreams, but also knowing that they enter an industry where they can continue to be advocates of rabbit welfare standards.

That's how we'll continue to make a difference.


Lynne McGroarty


My interest in rabbits started years ago, and like many people, I just went out and got one without doing much research. From day one of bringing him home and putting him in a small pet shop hutch with no run made me think “this can’t be right?” This led me to start researching about rabbit welfare and correct care which in turn ignited a passion in me, not only for me to do the best I can with my own rabbits but to educate people along the way.

My involvement with the charity has been amazing and over the course of the years I have developed and grown in myself as a person and gaining a wealth of knowledge on the way. Helping with rescue rabbits really does mean thinking outside the box as each rabbit is different and we need to adapt accordingly. Having a lot of like minded volunteers is invaluable for us and we all work great as a team. I have been involved in many roles within the charity and loved every one of them. My current role is as Charity Trustee which allows me to support many aspects of the charity both in day to day and in strategic decisions.

Rabbit welfare is now a deep rooted passion for me that will never go away. Experiencing a rabbit coming into our care as a shy, timid, poorly animal and getting adopted as a healthy confident rabbit makes me proud to be part of a team that cares so deeply. We have times when things are challenging for us but I know we are making a difference in the education of rabbit welfare and the life of every single rabbit that comes to us.

Sandra Ferguson, Charity Trustee

Sandra Ferguson


I had rabbits as I was growing up but it wasn't until my early twenties that I had my first house rabbit. He had impeccable behaviour and I was naive to think all bunnies were as well behaved; fast forward a few years and I can safely say all bunnies are different!

I discovered the charity in 2012 as a friend had explained the benefits of adopting a rescue bunny rather than buying from a pet shop. I contacted David and Feona and became a Foster Carer, then supported the charity in other ways, assisting at events. This way I could help to raise money for the charity as well as explain what we do.

In early 2017, I decided to become a bit more involved and took on the role of Fundraising Manager. This was very rewarding as I could see how the work we did allowed the charity to grow.  When David suggested becoming a Trustee, this sounded like a good option as it still allowed me to get really involved when required to support the management team.

The best things about being involved with the charity are not just all the bunnies that you meet and help along the way, it is also the people you come into contact with. I have met some amazing people through volunteering with the charity; both members of the public who come along to events to specifically see us, to the volunteers that I work side by side with. It is a really rewarding charity to volunteer for and we always have space for people to join us, so what are you waiting for?

Management Team




I have always been an animal lover and, like many people, had rabbits when I was young but didn’t realise the extent of what was required to meet their welfare needs.

I discovered the charity in 2014 and joined the team as a Care Assistant, where I was responsible for assisting with the general care of the rabbits within the rescue. This turned out to be just the starting point for me in learning about rabbit care and welfare, and I’ve since had several roles through which I’ve developed a wealth of knowledge, as well as adopting my lovely bunnies Jake and Juno.

In 2018 I took on the role of Adoptions Manager which involves managing a team of volunteers responsible for all aspects of the charity’s adoption and allocation process. Working with adopters to find their perfect match and secure homes for our rescue rabbits is incredibly rewarding, and although there are challenging times too, it’s all worth it to see them hop off to their forever homes.

I also became a foster carer shortly after finding the charity and have fostered over 80 rabbits so far. Giving the bunnies some much-needed TLC before they move on to new homes (apart from the odd foster fail!) is just as rewarding as Adoptions and vitally important as we rely on our foster care network to be able to take in more rabbits in need.

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK but are also the most neglected, with their welfare needs often misunderstood or completely overlooked. I'm so grateful to be part of the amazing volunteer team at Beloved Rabbits and to have the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of rabbits across Scotland.

Rebecca McLaughlin



I joined Beloved Rabbits in 2020 as a care leader to gain hands-on experience with the rabbits entering our care which has opened me up to a whole world of rabbit knowledge and education. I then became more involved with the charity and took on a role within the Adoptions Team which has become a true passion of mine.

The adoptions team guide potential adopters through our adoption process which consists of us working with applicants to meet our space, welfare and environment requirements. We then find a suitable single, pair or group of rabbits to meet the adopters needs and circumstances with the end result in matching our rabbits with them to find a loving forever home. As part of this process we offer bonding support and advice and have learned a wealth of knowledge by experiencing many bonds.

Being part of the adoptions team is a very fulfilling role, knowing I help rabbits binky off to their forever home.

Since becoming a volunteer I have adopted 4 rabbits and I am so grateful to have them in my life and experience the joy and love rabbits can bring whilst giving them the high-quality life they deserve.

I am honoured to be part of Beloved Rabbits, volunteering has become a passion of mine and an important part of my life.



Rehoming Support

When my own pet rabbits passed away in 2017, I missed them terribly but I wasn’t ready to replace them and so I looked at other options to fill the rabbit-shaped hole they had left. I found Beloved Rabbits and decided to become a foster carer – it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Taking care of rabbits who needed a home, nursing those who needed it back to health, and being part of their journey was incredibly fulfilling. Shortly after joining the charity, I took on the position as Adoptions Manager. Helping rabbits find their forever home was a role I greatly enjoyed, and over the years I have learnt so much about these complex wee creatures.

In 2022 I took a break from Beloved Rabbits to focus on my young family, but I was delighted to return in January 2024 and take on the role of Rehoming Support Manager in the newly formed Rehoming team. This involves supporting people who are facing difficulties, who are considering rehoming their much beloved pet. Where possible I hope that we can help people to keep their rabbits, but in most cases rehoming might be the only option, and I know how hard this is can be. We’re here to help and whilst this is a challenging area of the rescue to work in, I hope we can do some good, helping both the people and the bunnies involved. The demand for rescue space only grows, and I’m proud to be part of the Beloved Rabbit volunteer team, doing our bit to help those who need it. 



Foster Care

I’m a total animal lover and was looking for an opportunity to contribute more to animal rescue when I spotted the ad for fosterers with Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.

Completely new to rabbit ownership and handling at the time, I learned so much from my fellow volunteers and was disappointed to hear how much we need to improve as a society to provide the right level of care and environment for Rabbits.

A few years later and I’m fully bought into all aspects of the charity, taking on Foster Care Manager (looking after our network of fosters and getting new recruits up and running), attend events and, more importantly, try to get along to all the social get-togethers.

It’s great to be part of charity that is 100% volunteer ran and where we are all encouraged to share our opinions and contribute towards the direction of the charity and day-to-day decision making.




As children my sister and I had rabbits that lived and ranged in the garden, but it wasn’t until I moved in with my husband and his bunny that I was introduced to the idea of having a house rabbit. Living so closely indoors with rabbits we began to understand what complex, amazing animals they are, but as owners we often found it frustrating and difficult to find good quality care advice.

I first met the charity in 2016 when we adopted our much-loved Fred to be a companion for Maisie. I was impressed with the knowledge and passion the volunteers clearly had for what they do, so I decided to get involved.

Having worked as a trainer, I believe in lifelong learning, so it makes sense that I first joined the Education, Awareness and Training project.  Since stepping into the role of Education Services Manager, I look forward to seeing how we can support the charity and the public going forward.

Hannah Jesney



We had rabbits as family pets when I was very young and I think that started an obsession! I had always said that as soon as it was practical I would have my own rabbits and that opportunity arose when my friend had to re-home her rabbit. My partner drove hundreds of miles to collect 10-year-old Podge and bring her home. Podge had several complex health needs that inspired me to do a lot of research about how to give her the best life possible.

When I lost wee Podge, I knew that I would welcome more rabbits into my home when the time was right. I stumbled across Beloved Rabbits and adopted a wee old couple (Sampson and Glee). I was so impressed with the support and guidance I received throughout the adoption process and Bonding Bootcamp process that I continued to follow and support the charity.

I applied to be a foster carer and had the most fulfilling time helping to get rabbits ready for their forever homes. I eventually took on the role of Rabbit Coordinator, overseeing and supporting a group of foster carers. I am still in the role and have recently taken on the role of Education Manager too!

The educational resources of the charity have been invaluable to me whilst caring for and endeavouring to understand my rabbits. My sweet old lady Glee had a number of complex health issues that the education team were always on hand to give me information and guidance on. After recently losing Glee I have adopted Rosie as a companion for Sampson.

The knowledge I have gained whilst being part of the Beloved Rabbits network will be invaluable in ensuring they live their best lives. I am excited to have the opportunity to help not only fosters carers in our network but rabbits owners across the country.

Emma Harley



I started out foster caring with Beloved Rabbits, and although my family and I have always had bunnies growing up, and they all lived long & happy lives, I was surprised to see how much I still had to learn about proper rabbit care. I love looking after all the rabbits living with me until they find their forever home.

I work in Financial Services & have previous work experience in bookkeeping, so I’m excited to be using my knowledge to help out and keep learning about both the financial side of the charity and the best rabbit care - and all the bunny cuddles that come with are just a bonus!

Emily Thomas


Social Media

I grew up around animals, and my very first job was working in a pet store. At the time, I didn’t know much about rabbits. When I first started doing my own research, I was astounded by how misunderstood rabbits really are. There is a lot of misinformation, lack of care, and how they are viewed as “beginner” pets. I became very passionate about this and even got in trouble at work for going against some of the pet store's rabbit information!

Fast-forward a few years, and I got my own bunnies at the start of 2021. Their names are Rolo and Misty, and it was the best choice ever! Everyone says they are spoilt, but I think I just give them what they deserve.

I joined Beloved Rabbits in July 2023, right after I graduated with a marketing degree. As an aspiring creative in the advertising industry, I love being able to use my skills for a cause I feel very strongly about. Social media is such an important platform for reaching people these days. Whether it’s helping bunnies find their forever homes or sharing educational content, I feel very proud to work for a charity close to my heart.






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