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No obligation - your application allows us to start informal discussions to make sure that becoming a Rabbit Foster Carer is the right role for you!

Placements & Equipment


We would look to place rabbits with you either individually or in bonded pairs, and each placement would need to be housed in their own environment.

We recommend that foster placements are kept totally separate from any of your own rabbits too.

Rabbits need a lot of space, and even though rabbits are only in foster care temporarily we still seek to meet the latest recommendations for all rabbits in our care.

If you don't have the necessary equipment yourself, it's not a problem as Beloved Rabbits can provide everything you need on loan whilst you are a foster carer with us.

Feeding & Exercise


As a fosterer we would ask that you would help feed and exercise the rabbits in your care.

This will include buying and providing their day-to-day needs for rabbit nuggets, hay, bedding materials, and any additional toys and treats you may wish to offer them.

We purchase items at wholesale prices and offer these at cost price to our volunteers allowing you to keep the costs of fostering to an absolute minimum.

We also regularly receive gifted food and bedding from our partners and supporters, and we will always ensure these are distirbuted throughout our foster carers, further reducing these costs.

Check You Have Enough Space

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, our rabbits need lots of space.

Our foster environments need to meet the same standards as our adopters.

Check you have enough space for the equipment we will loan you.

Medical Treatment & Vet Bills

Veterinarian doctor with pet brown rabbit isolated on white background.

We cover all veterinary costs associated with fostered rabbits, including basic vaccinations and neutering, but also any emergency or regular significant medical attention.

Foster carers will use a Beloved Rabbits issues payment card allowing all vet bills to be paid directly by the charity - so there's no out-of-pocket expenses necessary at the end of your vet visit.

It is a requirement of our foster carers to have access to transport to facilitate vet visits, especially in emergency situations where getting veterinary attention quickly may be critical to ensuring adequate care for the rabbit(s).

Dealing With The Public

Public Engagement

As a fosterer we would not expect you to become involved with any of the public facing side of things (unless you chose to).

Through the wider volunteer team, we would deal with all aspects of the rabbits entering the rescue, we would do much of the work involved in trying to find and verify any new owners and we would be involved in the introduction of the rabbits to the adopters.

We therefore ask that you assist with collecting and returning your foster placements at our appointments office, The Bunny Bothy, in G66 postcode area of Glasgow, where you would meet with the volunteer team to facilitate placement swaps.

We also ask that you help with providing photos, stories and videos of the rabbits in your care to help promote them for adoption, but again you would not need to feature personally within any of these promotional materials - after all its all about the rabbits 😉

Find Out Why Lynette Enjoys Being A Foster Carer

nullOne of our foster carers, Lynette, shares her experience of being a foster care with Beloved Rabbits.



As highlighted previously, we do ask that all foster carers have access to transport.

This is especially important for dealing with a sick rabbit that requires the vet.

You may also need to attend The Bunny Bothy, our appointments office where a lot of activity takes place.  Here we conduct numerous foster care appointments including training, health checks, nail clipping, grooming, and more.

To help reduce travel commitments, our foster carers work in small times to share the responsibility, where possible, for trips to vets and The Bunny Bothy.

Training & Support


To get you started, we will invite you to attend a Foster Carer Induction training event.  It lasts a couple of hours, and is scheduled in evenings or weekends to meet your convenience.

Each foster carer will be assigned a Foster Lead who will be on hand to support with any question and help that you need.

In addition, at all times the Beloved Rabbits management team will be available at the end of an email, private message or telephone call to give you whatever support you may need.

We have a private Facebook Group set up specifically for Beloved Rabbits volunteers so there is a whole team of support at your finger-tips!

The Difficult Side Of Things

David with one of his first Giant Continentals, Pepper.Many people fear "having to give them up", when a rabbit has been selected for adoption.  But our existing volunteers all report that this, whilst it can be hard, is incredibly rewarding.  You get to see a rabbit settle into their new home, having transformed from a neglected, abandoned animal in to a very much loved pet.  There is nothing more rewarding that that!

Caring for unwanted rabbits can be emotional.

You may be asked (if you’re willing to) to care for a sick animal who, sadly, doesn’t make it despite everyone’s best efforts.

And the worst scenario may be the upsetting occasions when letting the rabbit pass away peacefully or through euthanasis to save them from further pain is the best way to meet their welfare needs.

These are all scenarios you may have to consider whether you could cope with.

That said, you will never be on your own and will always have the full support of the management team, your foster lead and the wider volunteer team to support you.


The only costs we expect our foster carers to cover are day-to-day feed & bedding costs (good quality nuggets, hay, litter material and straw), plus any additional items you may wish to purchase (e.g. boredom breakers/toys, treats, etc)

Apply To Foster Today

No obligation - your application allows us to start informal discussions to make sure that becoming a Rabbit Foster Carer is the right role for you!