Cuddle Companions

An Alternative To Adoption Providing
Companionship for Lonely or Elderly Rabbits

Cuddle Companion

Do you have an lonely or elderly rabbit who has recently lost their bonded buddy? Are you worried about getting into a rabbit ownership cycle, but want to ensure your beloved pet's welfare rights continue to be met? 

Our Cuddle Companions option allows you to find the perfect companion(s) for your lonely rabbit without the long-term commitment normally associated with adoption.

  • 1.

    Apply for Cuddle Companions through our Adoption Process

    Complete our adoption application form, which includes an option to request a Cuddle Companion rather than a standard adoption agreement.

  • 2.

    Check our list of rabbits to find the perfect Cuddle Companion(s)

    With support from our adoption team, we'll help ensure the perfect companion(s) for your lonely rabbit!

  • 3.

    Collect your Cuddle Companion(s) to begin bonding

    We will provide full bonding support to ensure your rabbit and your cuddle companion(s) are introduced safely and their bond develops and settles well.  You may also wish to consider our Bonding Support Consultations and Bonding Bootcamp services to help.

    Our adoption team can advise you on which bonding option(s) will best suit you, your rabbits, and your circumstances.

  • ...

    Enjoy watching your rabbits benefit from each others company

    It is a well-documented welfare right for rabbits to have company, and when you see them interact together, you wouldn't want it any other way.

    Your Cuddle Companion(s) are welcome to live with you and your rabbit for as long as you are comfortable with.

  • 4.

    Return Your Cuddle Companion(s)

    When the time is right, you can return your Cuddle Companion(s) in to the care of Beloved Rabbits, where our Rehoming Support Team will prioritise them for return to our foster care team.

Yes.  Our Cuddle Companion option simply gives you an agreement up front that we will accept the rabbit back in to our care as a priority when the timing is right.  However, if you decide at a later stage that you would like to keep them in your care, and you can continue to meet their welfare rights, we are happy for you to do so.

We cover veterinary treatment only for the period(s) where the rabbit is within our care.  Whilst they are in your care and providing companionship to your other rabbit(s), you will assume all responsibility for their care including food, bedding, housing and veterinary care.

When you inform us that you are ready to return your Cuddle Companion, we will treat your request as a priority and will aim to provide you the next available space within our foster care network.  Timescales for that will vary depending on the availability of space.

We will provide you full support with bonding to try to ensure success.

However, if it is unsuccessful this simply means we have not got the right personality match for your rabbit.  The Cuddle Companion will return into our care and we will try to find another rabbit that is better suited to your rabbit.

We operate our Cuddle Companion option with the welfare of rabbits in mind, and ensuring that all rabbits have companionship is our top priority.

We will encourage you to consider a donation at the point of reserving your Cuddle Companion, and are very grateful for any donation you are able to offer.

Our suggested donation for the Cuddle Companion service is £70 per rabbit.

Cuddle Companions can be selected from our rabbits available for adoption.

We do generally exclude any of our rabbits that:

  • are over the age of 6
  • have any identified long-term care needs or medical conditions

We also reserve the right to consider exceptions or to exclude any other rabbits from being selected as a Cuddle Companion if felt appropriate.

We are firm believers that rabbits work very well in bonded small groups.

If you have a single rabbit, or perhaps even an existing bonded pair, adding a new pair into the mix can create a strong bonded group.

The benefit of a group rather than a pair is that no rabbit is left on their own.

Adding a pair to your currently elderly bonded pair also reduces the likelihood of having a grieving lonely rabbit.