Rehoming Assistance Programme

Addressing The Challenges Of Rehoming Demand

Rescues across the UK are facing unprecedented demand from rabbits owners seeking help with rehoming their rabbits.

Those reaching out have a wide range of circumstances meaning they are unable to meet the needs of their rabbits, but as they join waiting lists of hundreds of other requests, they can face waits of several weeks or months before organisations such as Beloved Rabbits can offer space within their rescues.

Impacts of Brexit, recovery from the Covid pandemic and now the prospects of a cost of living crisis mean we anticipate the demand will continue to grow.

As the demand grows, and rescues feel the pressure, many rescues have closed their waiting lists, and some have even closed their doors.  Unfortunately, that means many owners are stuck with limited options, which increases the risks of rabbits finding new homes through classified ads, social media and private rehoming without any homechecks on welfare assessments.

At Beloved Rabbits we've developed our Rehoming Assistance Programme, which will run in parallel with our normal waiting list and foster care network to offer owners and adopters other options to find rabbits in need their perfect forever homes.

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For Owners Needing Rehoming Help

RAP Surrender Overview
  • 1

    Submit A Rehoming Request

    By submitting a Rehoming Request, you will be added to our Rehoming Waiting List.  We prioritise your request based on the needs described, and when space becomes available within our foster care network we will be in touch to make arrangements for you to surrender your rabbits into our care.

    You will also be able to opt-in to take part in our Rehoming Assistance Programme.

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    Rehoming Welfare Assessment

    To qualify for the Rehoming Assistance Programme, we need to have completed a recent Welfare Assessment.

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    Rabbits Listed For Adoption

    Whilst the rabbits remain in your care, waiting for suitable space within our foster care network, we will also proactively list your rabbits to our adopters.

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    Surrender Your Rabbits

    When space becomes available, or if an adopter selects them from our list, we will offer the vacancy to your rabbits and arrange for them to enter our care.

For Adopters

Adopters often have very specific requirements when looking to adopt a new companion for their family and existing rabbits.  They may prefer a specific gender, size, age or temperament of rabbit to fit in with their lifestyle and their existing rabbits temperament.

Sometimes, that means we don't always have the perfect rabbit available within our network.

Until now adopters have had to wait for vacancies to become available within our network and hope that the new arrivals will be the rabbit they've been looking for.

Our Rehoming Assistance Programme will offer adopters an opportunity to get to know more about the rabbits in need that are still waiting on our Rehoming Waiting List.  This allows us to offer an opportunity for a rabbit to enter the foster care network with a guaranteed new home to go to - whilst securing the expertise of our network during any necessary treatment, neutering and vaccination.

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RAP Adoption Overview
  • 1

    Submit An Adoption Application

    Tell us about your family, the space available to your rabbits and what your looking for from your new additions.

  • 2

    Our Adoption Team Help You

    Our Adoption Team will be in touch and offer lots of advice and support to make sure you are best prepared for welcoming new rabbits in to your home.

    We help you pick the perfect rabbit(s) to fit into your family.

  • 3

    Select Your Rabbit(s)

    View our list of rabbits available for adoption, and with the advice of our Adoption Team pick the right rabbit(s) for you.

    Our listings will help you understand if your selected rabbit(s) are in our care already or not, and what to expect next.

    Rabbits selected from our Rehoming Assistance Programme will first be transferred from current owners into our foster care network, allowing us to ensure that all vaccinations, neutering and any other necessary treatment are completed ahead of adoption.

  • 4

    Adopt Your Rabbits

    When they are ready for their new home, we will arrange an appointment for you to meet your rabbits, and can also provide an Introduction To Bonding session during your adoption appointment where we let your existing rabbit(s) meet your new additions as we guide you through the bonding process.