Rehoming Welfare Assessment - Visiting Your Vet

To add your rabbits to our Rehoming Assessment Programme, which will allow us to list your rabbit(s) to our prospective and approved adopters, we first need a Welfare Assessment conducted.

To minimise the impact of travel on your rabbit(s), you may prefer to have this done at your local vet practice.

We need a Welfare Assessment, or a General Health Check, to have been conducted no more than 30 days prior to registering for the Rehoming Assessment Programme.

RAP Visit Vet

Registering With A Vet Welfare Check

  • 1.

    Book a Health Check Appointment With Your Vet

    Contact your local, preferred vet directly and book an appointment for a Rabbit Health Check.

  • 2.

    Attend Your Appointment

    Take your rabbit(s) to the Rabbit Health Check Appointment.  Your vet should conduct a full health assessment, but do not be afraid to ask them to check things like gut health and dental issues.

    Note: Beloved Rabbits are unable to reimburse costs associated with Veterinary Health Check Appointments.

  • 3.

    Consider Vaccinations

    Vaccinations are essential to protect all pet rabbits from deadly and highly active viruses such as Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD1 & RHD2).  The vaccination is required once every 12 months.

    If your rabbit(s) are due vaccinations, we strongly recommend asking your vet to administer these during your Health Check Appointment.  Having your rabbits vaccinated also speeds up their journey to an adoptive home as we would not need to delay to allow the onset of immunisations within the rescue network.

    Note: Beloved Rabbits cannot reimburse costs associated with vaccinations administered whilst the rabbit(s) remain in your care.

  • 4.

    Request Medical History

    After your appointment, ask your vet reception team to provide a copy of your rabbit(s) full medical history.  They can provide this in printed format, or most will happily email it to you.

    You will need this history as evidence of the health check and any vaccinations administered.

  • 5.

    Submit Your Rehoming Assessment Programme Application

    You can now submit your Rehoming Assistance Programme application.

    Complete our simple form which will allow you to provide us a copy of the veterinary history alongside details, descriptions and photographs of your rabbit(s).

  • It's Over To Us!

    We'll get your rabbit listed on our website and begin promoting them to prospective and approved adopters on your behalf.

    Our volunteer team will keep in regular contact with you, keeping you updated with progress as we find your rabbit(s) their new home.

    Once we have the perfect home identified, we will arrange for your rabbits to come into our service.

Other Ways For Rabbit Welfare Assessments