Adoption Process

Bringing a rabbit into your home should be a life-time commitment.  With the typical life expectancy of a neutered rabbit being 10-12 years, its not a decision that can be taken lightly.

Before adopting a rabbit from us, we strongly recommend you review the articles throughout the site and do a great deal of research to ensure that a rabbit is the right pet for you, and you are ready for the longterm commitment, financial obligations and hard work involved in caring for your pet rabbit.

Of course, they are also a lot of fun...

Please note that we are based in Glasgow, and typically will require adopters to visit us to complete the adoption and collect your rabbits.   We will not support adoptions relying on pet courier services, and also ask adopters to consider limiting travel distances to a minimum to reduce stress for the rabbits.


Suggested Donations

Unless otherwise stated, our suggested donation for adoption is £70.

This is excellent value compared to our costs, which include typically £160 of veterinary care per rabbit on top of general care and running costs.

How To Adopt Your Rabbit(s) From Us

1. Shortlist Rabbits

Checkout our Rabbits Available for Adoption, read the stories and create a short-list of rabbits that may be of interest to you.

2. Check Space Requirements

Indoors or outdoors, rabbits need loads of room - more than most people realise.  Do you have the required space?

3. Application Form

Our adoption application form will give us an idea of how you plan to care for your rabbits, and allows us to reserve them for you upon meeting our requirements.

4. Arrange Collection

With our homecheck complete, which may include a home visit, we will arrange an appointment for you at The Bunny Bothy.   

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