Bunny Bulletin

Our regular bulletin board featuring blog articles, updates and advice from our volunteer team.


Loose Bunny Rescue

It is always a challenge when we get a rescue request through by phone or via the website as we assess the circumstances and determine the priority against all those already on our waiting list.  There are some cases though that we try to respond to immediately. Last Friday we received contact from an owner …

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Left Outside Alone

At Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, we are strong believers that rabbits need to be kept in pairs or small groups.  As sociable animals, constant company of their own species is not only beneficial, but essential. The PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report 2016 indicates as many as 52% of pet rabbits in the UK are still …

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Coccidiosis Parasite

Have you heard about Coccidiosis? Did you know this common but often overlooked parasite could be living in most pet rabbits in the UK, and in some cases can become fatal? We recently took in an elderly pair of rabbits in to the rescue, each aged around the 8/9 year mark. They were actually ex-FBRC …

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