Maya: Left to Starve with a Wounded Foot

This post contains some graphic and potentially upsetting images below. On Tuesday night, we welcomed Maya into our care. We regularly see rabbits that have been casually neglected entering the rescue – rabbits that are underweight, overweight, stained in their own urine, caked in their own faeces, front teeth extending half-way up their face, riddled…

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Rabbit Rescue Charity Become Beloved Rabbits

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care was established by husband and wife team David and Feona Bell in December 2010 and has addressed a growing need and demand for rabbit welfare services throughout Scotland. Since establishing as a foster-based and rabbit-dedicated rescue, we have rescued over 1,300 rabbits, and improved the welfare standards of countless thousands more!…

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Burrow Building Project

Find out about our plans to identify funding for a new purpose designed rabbit rescue and adoption centre, incorporating space for improved rabbit welfare education & awareness. All underpinned by the benefits of our existing and very much important foster care model. It’s early days for the Burrow Building project, and we will soon share…

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Peter Rabbit: Good or Bad For Rabbit Welfare?

Peter Rabbit Official Promotional Poster

The new Peter Rabbit movie is released in UK cinemas on Friday 16th March 2018, but already the hype is building.  With it’s own controversies already getting the film some negative coverage around the portrayal of bullying rabbits with fruit allergies, the questionable selection of voice actors and the attempts to replace Mr McGregor with…

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Loose Bunny Rescue


It is always a challenge when we get a rescue request through by phone or via the website as we assess the circumstances and determine the priority against all those already on our waiting list.  There are some cases though that we try to respond to immediately. Last Friday we received contact from an owner…

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Adoption Process Improvements

Heather and Lisa, FBRC Adoptions Managers

We are always very keen to develop and improve how the charity delivers our services, and so are keen to receive and listen to feedback as we continue to meet a growing need for rabbit rescue services throughout Scotland. Earlier in 2017 we listened to feedback from our followers that indicated that our adoption process…

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New Year First Hop-in: 6th January 2018

David and his daughter Aimee dressed as Santa Bunnies in 2016

In Scotland there is a Ne’er Day (New Year’s Day) tradition of “First Foot-in”, where friends, family and neighbours all aim to be the first to step through your doors in the new year to spread good luck and well wishes for the new year. This year, the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care team are planning…

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The Spice Bunnies: a 33-Rabbit Rescue Case

Over the past week Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care have rescued a total of 33 rabbits in a case involving the dissolution of an Ayrshire based rescue charity. Hoots Forever Homes contacted FBRC seeking support for rehoming the rabbits on 4th October 2017, and our team immediately began plans to offer assistance.  They had taken on…

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Local Rabbit Rescue Charity Rescues Their 1,000th Rabbit

A disabled pet bunny recently became the 1,000th rabbit to be rescued by Scotland’s only registered rabbit rescue charity. The young rabbit lost his front paw during birthing complications and has been nicknamed “Adam Hills” after C4’s The Last Leg comedian. Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, who began rescuing domestic rabbits in December 2010, are now…

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Volunteer Challenge: Sinead’s Wax Melts

At the start of the year, FBRC challenged our volunteers to turn a £20 start-up fund into some serious cash for the charity.  Sinead Monaghan, a foster carer for the charity, describes how she took on the challenge. When I was asked to participate in the volunteer challenge I was a bit apprehensive as I…

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