Bonding Pre-Requisites

Following on from our Busting Bonding Myths, we thought we’d cover some basic bonding per-requisites.

Before you begin it is very important to ensure you are ready to bond.

All Rabbits Must Be Neutered
It is possible, in some cases, to bond rabbits that are not neutered.  However it is usually very difficult and can often be unstable.

For a long-term, safe bond you want to ensure that all rabbits, regardless of age, are neutered (except in special medical situations and/or where bonding a baby rabbit).

You must have a Temporary Environment for each of your new rabbits
It will almost never be the case that you can put your rabbits together and leave them overnight on the first night!

So it is very important that you have the space and equipment necessary to provide a separate environment for each of your new rabbits to live until bonding is complete.  This includes the ability to give new rabbits exercise time separate from the rabbit(s) they are bonding with for the initial period.

Know Your Rabbits
It is important that you have spent some time with your rabbits, and you know their character well.

This will give you an excellent head start when it comes to understanding their reaction to the bonding process and some of the exercises you may choose to carry out during the process too.

Don’t be surprised though to discover characteristics within your rabbit that you never knew existed though – bonding can bring out a very different side to your rabbit.

Next Steps

Later in the week we will share the “”Main Exercise”” used for bonding rabbits.

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