Rehoming Assistance Programme

Online Application

This application form is intended for rabbit owners who are looking to rehome their rabbit through our Rehoming Assistance Programme.

You can also join the Rehoming Assistance Programme via a face-to-face appointment at our Kirkintilloch office.

Rabbits will remain in your care as part of the Rehoming Assistance Programme until a suitable adoptive home has been found.  Find out more about the Rehoming Assistance Programme.

Before Completing This Application, you will need:

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    A Recent Health Check

    It is important that your vet has conducted a full health check of your rabbit(s) within the last 30 days.  If you haven't had this please arrange this with your vet before submitting this application.

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    Full Vet History for Each Rabbit

    Contact your vet and request the patient history for each of your rabbits.  Your vet will be happy to supply this to you, and can usually email it to you.

    The history should include details of neuter status, all vaccinations administered (where applicable), and the details of the recent Health Check referenced above.

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    Photos Of Each Rabbit

    The application requests one photo of each rabbit.

    We can happily accept further photos and videos via email or social media chat once your application has been accepted.