Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees members have been heavily involved in the charity's activities for several years.  They lead our Management Team whilst ensuring the charity continues to meet its legal, financial and charitable obligations.


David Bell,
Director / Chair of Trustees

Growing up there were always rabbits on the farm, but it was mainly my brother who had them. My involvement came much later when a girlfriend got me interested in owning rabbits. Being a dog person originally I was surprised how intelligent and interactive they could be, and I have been rabbit daft ever since.

As director of the charity I tend to get involved in all aspects of what we do here, but primarily I help support the various teams of volunteers and give the guidance needed to keep things ticking over smoothly. I have a very active involvement in the charity's day-to-day, and in particular manage the rescue arrivals and rehoming waiting list.

Rabbits, and more specifically managing the charity, has now evolved from being a hobby to being a way of life. It's not always easy and there are certainly challenging times when dealing with the often upsetting conditions in which some rabbits arrive. But nevertheless, it is highly rewarding to know we are playing our part, and are making a very real difference to rabbit welfare in Scotland. Seeing the work we do result in new hope and a lease of life to each rabbit in our care is something I would find very difficult to give up!

Feona Bell,

I was never really an animal person growing up - didn't really understand why you would want an animal living in your house.

But when I met David, the rabbits were really part of the deal.  And when he introduced them to me I was amazed at how interactive, and intelligent they were.

When I then learned about what a raw deal they got as domesticated pets, I could see why we had to get involved and do something about it.

Much as I have now grown to love our rabbits, it is very much the people side of the charity that motivates me.  I love that, whilst saving so many rabbit lives, we can also help improve the lives of our people - be that our supporters, adopters or volunteers.

I am very proud of what we have achieved as we watch young people who joined the charity in their early teens develop skills that see them accepted on to universities and colleges and even on to careers in the animal care and veterinary industries.  It is really heart warming not only to see them succeed in meeting their dreams, but also knowing that they enter an industry where they can continue to be advocates of rabbit welfare standards.

That's how we'll continue to make a difference.


Lynne McGroarty,

My interest in rabbits started years ago, and like many people, I just went out and got one without doing much research. From day one of bringing him home and putting him in a small pet shop hutch with no run made me think “this can’t be right?” This led me to start researching about rabbit welfare and correct care which in turn ignited a passion in me, not only for me to do the best I can with my own rabbits but to educate people along the way.

My involvement with the charity has been amazing and over the course of the years I have developed and grown in myself as a person and gaining a wealth of knowledge on the way. Helping with rescue rabbits really does mean thinking outside the box as each rabbit is different and we need to adapt accordingly. Having a lot of like minded volunteers is invaluable for us and we all work great as a team. I have been involved in many roles within the charity and loved every one of them. My current role is as Charity Trustee which allows me to support many aspects of the charity both in day to day and in strategic decisions.

Rabbit welfare is now a deep rooted passion for me that will never go away. Experiencing a rabbit coming into our care as a shy, timid, poorly animal and getting adopted as a healthy confident rabbit makes me proud to be part of a team that cares so deeply. We have times when things are challenging for us but I know we are making a difference in the education of rabbit welfare and the life of every single rabbit that comes to us.

Sandra Ferguson,

I had rabbits as I was growing up but it wasn't until my early twenties that I had my first house rabbit. He had impeccable behaviour and I was naive to think all bunnies were as well behaved; fast forward a few years and I can safely say all bunnies are different!

I discovered the charity in 2012 as a friend had explained the benefits of adopting a rescue bunny rather than buying from a pet shop. I contacted David and Feona and became a Foster Carer, then supported the charity in other ways, assisting at events. This way I could help to raise money for the charity as well as explain what we do.

In early 2017, I decided to become a bit more involved and took on the role of Fundraising Manager. This was very rewarding as I could see how the work we did allowed the charity to grow.  When David suggested becoming a Trustee, this sounded like a good option as it still allowed me to get really involved when required to support the management team.

The best things about being involved with the charity are not just all the bunnies that you meet and help along the way, it is also the people you come into contact with. I have met some amazing people through volunteering with the charity; both members of the public who come along to events to specifically see us, to the volunteers that I work side by side with. It is a really rewarding charity to volunteer for and we always have space for people to join us, so what are you waiting for?

Sandra Ferguson, Charity Trustee