Omlet Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System and Burrow Pipe


A burrow pipe system that enables the connection of sheltered living spaces, sheds and runs together to create a stunning interconnected and stimulating environment for your rabbits.

The new Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System from Omlet is a great way to connect your rabbit hutch or shed to a suitable rabbit run. The modular burrow pipes allow you to add sections at any time to create a natural warren of tunnels for your rabbit to run around. Your bunny will love hopping along the activity tunnels to a rabbit run where they can nibble on fresh grass everyday.

The burrow tubes are strong, secure and measure 180mm (7.1in) on the inside, which is large enough for most rabbits.

With the Zippi system there are no limits to the size or shape of tunnel system you can build so let your imagination – and your bunny – run wild!

Prices subject to change by the supplier without notice.  Refer to suppliers’ website to confirm pricing, availability and to make purchase.

We do not recommend Omlet’s Eglu Hutch, Zippi Rabbit Run or Outdoor Rabbit Run systems.