Sweet Green Natural Nibbles 3pk


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A delicious blend of natural ingredients for small pets, Sweet Green Natural Nibbles feature three tasty blends, including a flower mix, veggie mix and sweet dried apple slices.

Perfect for a variety of small pets, Sweet Green Natural Nibbles are just totally natural nibbles! They contain zero nasties, and combine delicious ingredients like marigolds, rose petals, cornflower, apples, sunflowers, pumpkin, beetroot and sweet peppers. They are great for adding to hay for added nutrition and encouraging foraging, and can also be added as a nutritious topper to daily dinners. Hand-feeding nervous animals with a delicious treat like this may also help to create a good bond with your pet!

  • A delicious, healthy snack pack trio of tasty treats for small pets
  • Ideal for many small pets including Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Mice, Rats, Rabbits and Dwarf Hamsters
  • Delicious delights bursting with goodness, providing a well-balanced treat in three handy snack packs
  • Totally naturally nibbles, bursting with natural goodness
  • Can be used to relieve boredom, encourage foraging and help to keep teeth healthy
  • Great for hand feeding, helping to increase the special bond between you and your pet
  • Encourages essential exercise and foraging, as they would in their natural habitat
  • Supports natural feeding and optimum health and nutrition, rich in natural nutrients
  • Provides essential fibre, vitamins and minerals, supporting good health and condition as well as aiding digestion
  • Supports good dental health by encouraging gnawing
  • Provides essential enrichment by adding variety to your pet’s home
  • Ideal for feeding alongside a healthy and balanced appropriate diet
  • Each pack contains:
    • 1x 30g Dried Apple Slices – 100% Dried Apple Slices
    • 1x 50g Dried Mixed Vegetables – Dried Marigold, Rose Petals, Corn Flowers, and Sunflowers
    • 1x 20g Dried Mixed Flowers – Dried Pumpkin, Beetroot, and Sweet Peppers

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