3.1m x 1.3m Exercise Run from 4Wire


Strictly for use as part of a combined 3m x 2m environment, with 24/7 access.

This 19 panel aviary is the perfect run for any of our smaller pets.
The external measurements are:
Length – 310cm approx
Width – 133cm approx
Height (without roof) – 94cm approx
Height (with mesh roof) – 99cm approx.

This is made with 14 side panels and 5 roof panels.
Side panels are approximately 94cm x 62cm
Roof panels are approximately 133cm x 62cm

This is made using our 16G wire which is completely cat safe and dog proof.

You can select which hole size mesh you would like on the run on the drop down provided.

1/2″ x 1/2″ mesh is also rat proof.

It comes with our thick, pressure treated 2″ timber that is treated with animal friendly stain for a long life.

There is the option to have this rabbit run hand painted with an animal friendly paint.

All our runs come with a pack of wooden pegs to anchor the run to the ground.

This makes the pens stronger and more resistant to harsh weather.


Prices subject to change by the supplier without notice.  Refer to suppliers’ website to confirm pricing, availability and to make purchase.