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One of our primary goals is to educate the public about rabbit welfare issues. But where do we get the idea that there's a problem? How do we know what's right and what's not right for the welfare of our beloved pets? After all, the advice we're giving is vastly different to that of 20 years ago, and rabbits have now been domesticated for centuries. So do we really need to change how we care for our rabbits, or are the team at Beloved Rabbits just a little bit over protective?

Before we even look into the vast amount of research that has been completed on rabbit behaviours and health, we need only look as far as the Animal Welfare Act for advice.

Five Freedoms

The Five Freedoms are set out in the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 and apply to all animals including rabbits. They are as follows:-

Freedom From Hunger or Thirst

By providing fresh water and the right type and amount of food to keep them fit.

Freedom From Discomfort

By making sure that animals have the right kind of environment including shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest.

Freedom From Pain, Injury or Disease

By preventing them from getting ill or injured and by making sure animals are diagnosed and treated rapidly if they do.

Freedom To Behave Normally

By making sure animals have enough space, proper facilities and the company of other animals of their own kind.

Freedom From Fear and Stress

By making sure their condition and treatment avoid mental suffering.

On The Hop - Rabbit Care Guide from The Rabbit Welfare Association

We invite you to read through our care advice within our website and our Facebook page.

However, we would also encourage you to have a look at the Rabbit Welfare Association's rabbit care guide "On The Hop", which is full of excellent advice and tips relating to everything you might wish to know for caring for your rabbits.

If you are new to rabbit ownership or still researching whether they would be the right pet for you, we strongly encourage you to have a look through it.  Click here to read the On The Hop guide.

Pet Rabbit
Welfare Guidance

The Scottish Government


As of 6th April 2018, The Scottish Government have also now published their "Pet Rabbit Welfare Guidance", which you can view by clicking here.


More To Come!

Did you know that Beloved Rabbits has a dedicated Education Team?

Our volunteers work hard on researching the latest rabbit welfare studies and journals to produce details information and advice booklets, presentations and workshops.

Our education programme is under redevelopment, and we hope to have much more to share with you in the coming months, so please do look out for some of our care advice updates.

In the meantime, if you think you could offer some support and time to our education team, please don't hesitate to Get Involved!