Buy a Hay Bale For A Rescue Rabbit


Rabbits are the most abandoned and casually neglected rabbit in the UK, and with the impact of cost-of-living bearing hard on families, the demand for rescue and rehoming services has shot through the roof.

This adds immense strain on Beloved Rabbits as we balance the challenges of increased illness and veterinary bills, with the additional food and bedding costs associated with keeping the rabbits fed and healthy.

You can show your support by helping reduce our bills with a simple but incredibly kind gesture of buying us a bale of hay!

From only £5.25, you can purchase a high-quality 1kg bag of Readigrass that will be donated for use within our rescue centre, The Hoppy Hub, to help feed the rabbits in our care.

Why not upgrade your donation to our 3.75kg of Pillow Wad Meadow Hay for £6.75, our 9kg XL Meadow Hay Bale for only £12, our 9kg XL Timothy Hay Bale for only £15 or our top-of-the-range Burgess Excel Timothy Long-strand feeding hay for £25!