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Congratulation and thank you for passing our Adoption Application and Homecheck stage!

We are delighted that we have identified the perfect rabbit(s) to join your family and look forward to arranging an adoption appointment for you when your rabbit(s) are ready to come home.

This form will allow you to confirm the reservation of your rabbit(s), and you will then also be invited to contribute a donation towards the services at Beloved Rabbits.

Please Consider Offering A Donation Today

We have a high number of rabbits in our care needing routine treatment. Amidst the Rabbit Welfare Crisis in Scotland, we face increased demand for our services while financial support is waning.

Adopters often ask for guidance as to what an appropriate donation amount would be. We, therefore, suggest an adoption donation of £70 per rabbit. Our actual costs are often significantly higher.

For example, our typical expenses based on average costs are £168 per neuter, £36 per vaccine, and £180 to £400 per dental procedure.

Donating to cover routine costs for your rabbit doesn’t just help them – it allows us to ensure that any other funds we raise can be used to contribute to unexpected bills and other charity running costs to help the bunnies in our care.

It also helps the typically 200+ bunnies on our waiting list, as enabling us to arrange your adoption quicker creates a rescue space for a bunny in need.

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We appreciate your support and value any donation you are able to offer

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