What A Difference…

After running for the first few months of the year surviving on subsidies and funding from David, one of the organisation’s directors, Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care has managed to turn things around in the past few weeks thanks to some very successful events and a much-needed grant application coming through.

As a result of their recent events at Kirkintilloch Canal Festival and LovePets Scotland and a grant from Pets At Home’s Support Adoption for Pets, cash flow became possible again and a number of rabbits that had been “”stuck”” in the system awaiting funds all of a sudden started to get things moving again:

  • Rosie & Sky are now fully vaccinated & neutered and looking for a new home.
  • Trekkie & Coleman were able to be taken into our foster care network, have both been vaccinated for Myxo, Trekkie has been neutered and Coleman gets neutered tomorrow, and will both receive VHD vaccinations. They have now also been reserved and should be ready for their new homes in late October.
  • Phineas has finally been able to get his VHD vaccination, and is awaiting an appointment for neutering.
  • Divo has now entered our foster care network, has undergone some essential dental treatment and neutering, and will receive his vaccinations following his recovery from the operation.
  • Rolf & Harris have both been vaccinated for Myxo & VHD, and as they are still too young to be neutered are ready to go to their new home, having been successfully reserved last week.
  • Fifi & Belle were treated for gut problems to get them back on to their food as well as a (minor) flea problem. They will shortly begin their standard vaccinations course.
  • Gav & Rosh have entered our foster care network just last night, and will shortly begin their vaccination course, with plans for neutering shortly after.

All this activity is exactly the way we want things to be – vaccinations and neutering all round, and fully healthy “”ready”” rabbits prior to rehoming.

What a difference some cash makes! It’s much more exciting for us now we have a bit of freedom to run things the way we believe it should be, without feeling restricted due to lack of funds.

Here’s the sting though: The money’s just about gone! Spent faster than it took us to get it. Every penny put to excellent use, but now the well’s running dry.

If we can do all this within a couple of weeks and only a few hundred pounds, just imagine what we can do with £6,000! That’s why our involvement in the RBS CommunityForce campaign is so vital! We desperately want and need to be able to continue to treat these rabbits, and we anticipate our intake will increase during the winter months as families start to abandon more of their pets.

Voting is easy, and it’s free. Simply visit http://communityforce.rbs.co.uk/project/1044, register on the site, confirm your email, then login to vote.

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