We Want Your Good News Rabbit Stories

We’re always on here sharing the “lonely hearts” stories of the rabbits on our network looking for new homes (it is one of our main activities after all), or the “Penniless Pauper” stories when we’re short on cash (which we always are!). From time-to-time we also tell the “Self-Improvement” stories of how to make life better for your pets.

But we would really LOVE to be able to share some good news stories too. So we’re appealing to those of you out there who have adopted rabbits from us to get back in touch and give us a wee update on how things are going. Send us a story, some pictures or even a wee video and we’ll write up a blog all about your adopted rabbit from FBRC and share it on our website, Facebook & Twitter (we can hide your name if you want us to!).

We know we’re not fooling anyone – we’re hoping your good news stories might encourage others to adopt from us too, but it’s always good to share some good news isn’t it 😉

If you have a story to share, send it to us at enquiries@fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org.

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