We’re Overrun With Babies

We are delighted to announce the birth of our founding directors’ son, Caelan Mackenzie Bell, born on 14th May 2013 at 02:54 weighing a whopping 9lb 6oz.  David, Feona, Caelan and big sister Aimee are all delighted and doing very well getting used to their new routine, and we’re sure it will not be long before Caelan dons his FBRC t-shirt and starts to help out with the rabbits.

It’s certainly the season for babies though, and we have a number of litters in the network just now all looking for new homes.

Many people assume you only get older rabbits in rescue services, but we often receive unwanted litters for rehoming.  The Nursery and Pre-School litters are both unwanted litters that we accepted in to the network.  Their story is one that is all too familiar.  The owners were sold two females by their local pet shop.  By the time they realised that the pet shop had made a mistake with the genders, not only did they now have an unexpected litter of 5 babies, they had to consider what to do about their unexpected male rabbit and a female rabbit who was nursing one litter and already pregnant again with the next.  The family immediately arranged for their male to be neutered, and we are happy to report that “mum & dad” are now happily re-bonded together.  They plan to have mum neutered shortly for health benefits.  They asked us if we would be able to take the two litters for them as they were struggling to find suitable homes for the two litters of 5.

From time-to-time we receive pregnant females into the service.  On occasion we may be advised at the time of entry that the female may be pregnant, but sadly we often are not told that it’s a possibility and its often as much a shock to us as anybody when a litter is born within the rescue.  The Herbs is one such case.  Their mum Thyme was originally bonded with her sister Rosemary and we discovered them both delivering a litter on the same day.  Unfortunately Rosemary experienced complications and after an emergency visit to the vet we’re sad to advise she didn’t make it through her operation.  Thyme however successfully delivered a litter of 4 babies and all are doing very well.

If you think you could offer a permanent, loving home to any of the young rabbits in our litters, please visit http://www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org/adopt for further detail and click “Adopt Me” to get the ball rolling.  Or call us on 0141 280 3272 for further information.

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