Volunteer Story: Elaine’s Fostering Experience

Hi there, my name is Elaine and I have been fostering rabbits for FBRC for a couple of years now.

My first encounter with FBRC was for advice. I had bought a Continental Giant rabbit and was worried that she was lonely and had heard that rabbits very often fight and I didn’t know if I should risk it. David and Feona gave me some wonderful advice and along came Molly as a friend for Meg.

I heard about adopting and was keen to do it so when David and Feona gave me a chance to foster another giant and her babies, I was delighted. They were a pleasure, all found homes and the parents came to live with me permanently.

My next charges were four half-wild babies. A sweet but naughty bunch. Unfortunately they were escape artists and although they stayed with me for a year I had to ask David and Feona to re assign them to someone who could contain them. (They had dug holes through to my neighbours and although they always came back, I didn’t feel I could keep them safe).

Still keen to foster I suggested to David and Feona that I take on rabbits that were needing rehabilitation and I welcomed my next two rabbits, Kate and William, absolutely stunning but unpredictable.

Kate in particular was a biter and not the friendly, nibbly kind. If she became uptight she would lash out. I am pleased to report that she is far more settled now and enjoys cuddles and strokes–although it is always on her terms.

As for William, he is very sweet, I think that Kate being much more calm has settled him too.

Although Kate could not be rehomed as a child’s pet, she would be a lovely addition to someone with more patience and understanding. She and Wills are very easy to fall in love with.

There are lots of rabbits needing someone to look after them until they find their forever home. It is tremendously rewarding having the opportunity to help care for these lovely creatures and to be part of an organisation, a community, that care. I’d really recommend it.

You can join the volunteer team at http://www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org/volunteer, or if you think you have the perfect home for Kate & Wills please visit http://www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org/adopt.