Update on Ewen

Yesterday we told you that Ewen, from Ewen & Cat, had taken very unwell during the week.

At the start of the day yesterday everything seemed to be very much as it had been for the previous two days.  Medically we were doing everything we possibly could and whilst he was very much NOT ok, he was still fighting to get well again.

However later in the day he collapsed but held his head up (most collapsed rabbits are flat out).   This called for an immediate return to the vet but by the time we got there he started fitting and he was helped along the road to rainbow bridge.

We are very upset, as you would expect.  Running a rescue, unfortunately losses are to be expected.  We saved Ewen & Cat from being culled and yet despite all our best efforts we still lost Ewen. Cruel cruel world.

The samples were sent away yesterday, so hopefully we will get some answers as to what has caused this.

Cat appears to be doing very well and doesn’t appear to have any issues so far.  We will hold her within the rescue for the time being until we have some news back from Ewen’s samples.  Once we are confident that the cause will not affect her she will be available for adoption on her own, although as per our adoption policy we will be looking for a new home where she will have other rabbit company.