The Spice Bunnies: a 33-Rabbit Rescue Case

Over the past week Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care have rescued a total of 33 rabbits in a case involving the dissolution of an Ayrshire based rescue charity.

Hoots Forever Homes contacted FBRC seeking support for rehoming the rabbits on 4th October 2017, and our team immediately began plans to offer assistance.  They had taken on a few rabbits earlier in the year, but due to some of the rabbits not being neutered this escalated into a situation where there were more rabbits than the charity could cope with.

We have since learned that Hoots Forever Homes is beginning proceedings to dissolve and all the animals within their care are now being rehomed or seized with support from Scottish SPCA.

On collection, we found that the rabbits were being housed in unsuitable, small hutches, living in large groups of 6 to 9 rabbits within each hutch.  Some of the younger rabbits were thin looking on collection.  On arrival back at The Warren, we found that many were very hungry and launched themselves to the food being offered to them.

The rabbits are now all within our care and housed in appropriate groups across our foster network.  Now enjoying large hutches and run space, or in some cases our new Bunny Sheds, the rabbits are now enjoying the level of care they deserve.

10 of the rabbits are known to already be neutered, thankfully.  However, the remaining 23 all require neutering, and there is some risk that some of the females may already be pregnant which we are monitoring closely.

All 33 rabbits will require both Myxo-RHD and Filvac (RHD2) vaccinations and microchipping prior to adoption too.

Two of the rabbits, Cardamom and Cilantro, are displaying significant symptoms of snuffles.  They have been separated from other rabbits and placed with one of our foster carers and are already undergoing appropriate treatment.  The other rabbits are also being monitored for any early symptoms of this.

Another one, Clove, sadly was covered in sores and has a significant abscess on his rear as a result of bullying from hutch mates whilst in Hoots Forever Homes care.  He is attending the vet for further assessment today.

Our priority as always is getting the rabbits safely cared for within our foster network, and beginning to get them prepared for their new forever homes.  After an initial settling period we will begin vaccinations and neuter ops.

With huge thanks to our network of vet partners who offer significant discounted treatment and consultations for the charity, we have estimated the cost for veterinary care and vaccinations as being in the region of £2,000 – £2,500.

In addition the foster care team now have a lot more mouths to feed and the impact on us covering day-to-day food and bedding costs is another consideration for us.

This was an unexpected and unplanned rescue, and forms part of a total 51 rabbits rescued in the past month!  Every rabbit entering the rescue always gets given a new rescue ‘nickname’ and October names are themed on Spices.

Thankfully we are setup in a manner that allows us to take on the responsibility of these rabbits and ensure the best levels of care possible to give them a better opportunity for a happy, and hopefully long life.

However, this additional financial burden comes at the start of the winter season which is often a difficult time of year for us in terms of increased financial pressure.  We had not anticipated this additional cost and are looking for your help.

If you can offer any financial support please consider donations or fundraising for us.  We have setup a Just Giving campaign below, or text SPCE33 £5 to 70070 to make a quick and very appreciated donation of £5.

Or why not pop in to see is us at our event in Silverburn on Saturday 14th October or Sunday 15th October 2017?

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