The FBRC Van

David Bell, one of the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care trustees, recently bought his own VW Transporter multi-van specifically to make the work he does with the charity that little bit easier. With the flexibility of up to 9 seats, or completely “”empty”” the van is versatile enough to carry people & equipment to events, transport rabbits and equipment and more.

DWB Consultancy Ltd, David’s Business & IT Consultancy company who also provide all our website services, donated the cash that allowed the van to be wrapped.

“”The success of Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care depends on members of the public being aware we exist,”” commented David. “”Because we don’t have a rescue shelter that people can visit, we’re constantly out on the road, and so it was logical for us to advertise ourselves in this way.

“”Most charities our size can’t afford to do this, and we couldn’t have either without the donation for this purpose. Now when we’re ‘out on the job’ we’re also raising awareness of ourselves, which should hopefully attract more donations, volunteers and adopters. That kind of publicity is simply priceless.””.

Thanks also go to Totally Dynamic, Cumbernauld, for applying the design to the van and offering Fairly Beloved Rabbit an excellent price and high quality service!

The van hit the road yesterday, and has already turned quite a few heads. So if you see us when you’re out on your travels, give us a little ‘Toot’ of the horn and a wave.


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