The Big Hop Fundraising Competition

Today we launch our Fundraiser’s Competition!

During ‘The Big Hop’, we want as many people to get involved with raising funds for Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care as possible. It doesn’t need to big, or fancyÂ…….but we suggest you make it fun!

To spur you along we’ve arranged for a special competition for all those who create an Online Fundraiser’s page for FBRC with Just Giving.

Simply create an Online Fundraiser’s page between now and April 30th and we’ll also enter you into the competition.

We have three prize packs to give away, each consisting of:

  • An FBRC T-Shirt (size, colour & design of your choosing).
  • A Rabbit Hand Puppet
  • A Rabbit Slap-on Wrist Watch (your chosen colour)
  • A box of Cadbury Caramel Bunnies
  • “”In the Name Of Parsley”” Book

We’ve got three prize categories:

  1. BIG Funds – the person or group to raise the most amount of money for FBRC between now and 31st May 2012. You must have a Just Giving page, but we will also include any offline funds you manage to raise as long as we receive your sponsorship forms and payment no later than 31st May 2012.
  2. BIG Team – the person who organises a fundraising event sponsorship involving the largest number of active participants (i.e. the number of people doing the sponsorship, not including spectators or sponsors).
  3. BIG Idea – the person who organises the most interesting or unique fundraising idea (as judged by the FBRC Management Committee).

Maximum one prize pack per fundraising page.

Keep us updated with what you’re doing too – we’ll add updates to our news page, facebook & twitter pages which will help to keep people following your event and may improve your chances of winning.

We’ll announce the winners in early June 2012.

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