The Adoption Process

Caring For Rabbits

The minimum commitment we expect from rabbit owners:

  • To vaccinate all rabbits against myxomatosis and RHD/VHD annually using the Myxo-RHD vaccine
  • Where the rabbit has not yet been neutered, to ensure this is done as soon as possible upon the rabbit(s) reaching sexual maturity.  This is typically around 12 weeks for a male or 20 weeks for a female. Neutering vouchers are issued in such circumstances.
  • To provide a suitably sized hutch or indoor area for the rabbit to sleep/rest.
  • To provide access to an exercise run or indoor area for free-play.  Rabbits should have a minimum of 2 hours exercise within this area per day.
  • To keep all bedding areas clean, including cleaning out soiled bedding regularly.
  • To feed your rabbits appropriately (70% hay/grass, 28% greens, herbs & fruit and 2% dry food).

Adoption Process

If you wanted to proceed, the first thing to do is to complete our Home Check form.  Typically we can then reserve your chosen rabbit(s) at this stage.  However, we’d possibly want to come out for an informal home visit - this is just a brief chat to address any other questions you may have, and allow us an opportunity to check that you have the right equipment, space, etc and the home/living area for the rabbits is rabbit proof.  This is VERY informal, and by no way something to be concerned about.

Assuming that all went to plan, we then simply arrange a time for us to visit with your chosen rabbit(s), when we can verify the home check form details.  We may be able to combine both these visits.

We rely primarily on foster carers, so cannot always offer for you to come and visit the rabbits at any of our foster carers.  However, we have recently implemented a rescue hub within our director's property which may allow us to arrange an appointment for you to come to visit your chosen rabbit(s).  This could be particularly useful if you are uncertain of which rabbit(s) will be best for you.


We operate a suggested donation system.  Our current suggested donation is £70 per single rabbit.

All rabbits come fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

If the rabbit you select is still due to have vaccinations & neutering, we would either organise to be completed prior to adoption, or provide vouchers redeemable at one of over 50 vet practices throughout Central Scotland. So every rabbit comes fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped included within our suggested donation.

We are of course always happy to accept donations that exceed our suggested donation, as our costs per rabbits are typically considerably greater than the suggested donation. Likewise, as the donation is a suggestion, we would be happy to discuss alternative gift donations at the point of adoption where appropriate.


With every rabbit adopted, we can offer 4 weeks free pet insurance with Petplan.  There’s no obligation past the 4 week point, and cover for most items starts immediately.  I would highly recommend pet insurance as it help s ensure you’re always in a position to provide your pet with the treatment they deserve in an emergency, without worrying about what it’s going to cost!  Emergency vet treatment can be very expensive, so for just a few pounds per month it can save a lot of stress and heartache for all involved.

We’ll provide further information on this at the time of adoption.