Sponsor Rescue Rabbits

By sponsoring the spaces we use for rabbits within our care at Beloved Rabbits, you are an active participant in helping us meet our mission:

Your financial support ensures we can continue to run our foster care network and our rescue support centre, The Hoppy Hub.  This means rabbits in our care continue to get dedicated and focused care and attention to the same standards we expect for any of our adoptive homes.

A true home from home.

Example Costs

Here are some typical costs associated with each rabbit within our foster homes.

Annual Vaccinations
£36 - £70
£36 - £70
£152 - £184
£152 - £184
£6 - £10
£6 - £10
Non-Routine & Emergency Surgery
£100 - £800
£100 - £800
Weekly Food & Bedding
£10 - £30

Food & Bedding is typically donated by our Foster Care Volunteers to save charity expenses

£10 - £30

Our Thank You

As a thank you for sponsoring us, we will provide you with:

Sponsorship Certificate

Downloadable certificate of thanks for becoming a Sponsor of Rescue Rabbits.  Corporate Sponsors may display this in their workplace or reception areas, as well as on their corporate websites.

Digital Poster Download

A digital download poster image of one of our recent rabbits cared for within our Foster Care network.

Sponsorship Listing

Your name will be listed as a sponsor within our rabbit listings, meaning you can see the rabbits you sponsor in our adoptable rabbits list.

Corporate Sponsors can also request that their business logo be displayed with a hyperlink to their website.

Please note that our listings only include rabbits available for adoption.  This means that if a rabbit is unwell or reserved for adoption, it will not be listed, and consequently,  your name may not be listed at all times.

Newsletter Updates

You will be added to our regular email newsletter for updates about charity activities and rabbits in our care.

** Sponsors must opt to share their data with Beloved Rabbits when donating via JustGiving Checkout.