Runaround Connection Kit


These are our absolute favourite ways to connection sheltered living spaces, sheds and runs together to create a stunning interconnected and stimulating environment for your rabbits.

Runaround has unfortunately announced their intention to cease trading with effect from 31st May 2024 (last orders accepted 27th May 2024 subject to availability).  You may wish to consider this alternative product from Omlet.


2 x Doors with clear closures
1 x Burrow Pipe
Screw Fixings included for Mesh/Wood panels up to 12mm thickness
For *bespoke screw length* order here

The Connection Kit is Runaround’s original product that securely links any two enclosures, suitable for mesh or wooden fixings.

Linking your pet’s housing space to their outdoor run is the ideal way to give them the freedom they need, even when you’re away from home.

6” Standard Pipe suits most Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and other small furries. For large rabbits heavier than 4kg, such as Continental Giants, we advise that you use 8” pipe.

Prices subject to change by the supplier without notice.  Refer to suppliers’ website to confirm pricing, availability and to make purchase.