Pressurised Hand Sprayer 1.5L


Recommended for use with Anigene Disinfectant Concentrate

This pressurised garden hand sprayer is practical and sturdy for garden use. Each sprayer can hold up to 1.5L of liquid. Can also be used around the home and on flower boxes.

The manually operated sprayer pump allows liquid to evenly be distributed. Along the side of the bottle are clear ML and oz measurements for precise measurements, whilst on the other side are clear instructions for use.

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20% Off Hand Sprayer when purchased with Anigene HLD4V Concentrate
Anigene HLD4V Bottle
Anigene HLD4V High Level Disinfectant Cleaner has been specially formulated to provide an economic, environmentally friendly and effective product. This bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal product has enhanced security, safety and simplicity and offers dilutions for virtually all environmental challenges. It can be used for all reception areas, surfaces and equipment in veterinary surgeries and for all disinfection applications in kennels, catteries and other animal habitats. It is suitable for use on most surfaces, chairs, floors, walls and appliances. Provided in a 1 litre concentrate version, this bottle can make over 20 litres of disinfectant cleaning spray when diluted at the recommended ration of 1:50.

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