Petlife Microwavable Hottie Warm Heat Pad


This is an excellent alternative to the more traditional plastic pod microwave heat pads like Snugglesafe.

Some rabbits struggle to use the hard plastic heat pads as they can be uncomfortable. These pads as made of a softer material, giving a softer pad to sit upon, much like a cushion.

Just like a hot water bottle, the Hottie® gives continuous gentle warmth. It can be heated in the microwave and lasts for hours helping with muscle relaxation, to relieve injury and reduce stress. Measures approx 8″ x 9″.

Microwaves in minutes, stays warm for hours.

Provides extra warmth and comfort in cold weather, times of stress and recuperation.

Patented inner thermal pack.

Chew and claw resistant.

No wheats, no gels, no waxes – safe for the animal.

Available with fleecy cover or PU wipe clean cover.

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