Pet Carrier (Used)


We stock a wide range of used pet carriers that have been checked for all parts and cleaned ready for re-use.

Carriers will be allocated based on your needs/preferences stated.  We will do our best to match your request size and style where available stock allows.  Substitutions may be offered where the preferred size/style is unavailable.

Most carriers are based on a standard “Cat Carrier” size, rated for animals of up to 5kg weight. We recommend that companion animals travel in the same carrier together, so for bonded rabbits only one carrier is necessary.

We also have a small range of smaller carriers that are best suited to small animals such as Guinea Pigs, Rats, Etc, or small breed Rabbits such as Netherland Dwarves only.

We are unable to reserve a specific carrier. Please be aware that the photo represents an example selection of what is typically held in stock.

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