Low-Height Exercise Run from Garden Woodcraft


The Range rabbit hutch run is the ultimate in offering your pet a natural life with over 216 cubic feet of space. It has more than ample head room and open space internally than any of our other runs.

There are numerous applications and would suit many types of pet. There is also plenty of room to include a shelter. Dog Kennel or even a Rabbit Hutch within the structure.

There are four panels that form the lid of the rabbit hutch run. At one end, one of the lid panels is fixed but at the other the remaining three lids are hinged and fold back on each other. When the lids are opened and pushed back it will provide a generous space to walk around to be with your pet. The lids are held in place with toggle clamps which are a quick release mechanism.

The wire is a galvanised welded mesh 25mm x 12mm.   Due to its size, the timber section used in this product is of much stouter than all the other runs products in the range.

Made from Swedish Redwood. This particular rabbit hutch run is tanalised in green. However brown is an option. The treatment is not included in the price of this product due to its size.  It will give you up to ten years worry free from rot. The preservative is forced into the timber in special high pressure tanks and you will not have to treat the timber again.

The rabbit hutch run has a step over doorway situated in the center of the shorter end panel so as to allow you in without your pet escaping beneath your feet.

Dimensions (approx).
rabbit hutch run
H 920mm (36″)
W 1830mm (72″)
D 3600mm (144″)


Prices subject to change by the supplier without notice.  Refer to suppliers’ website to confirm pricing, availability and to make purchase.

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