2.4m x 1.2m Indoor Playpen / Rabbit Base Station from Dog Health


This should only be used as part of an overall rabbit environment of at least 3m x 2m, which the rabbits should have access to 24/7.

KT6 Premium quality puppy pen run

With Professional anti rust treatment – ideal for long term use, perfect inside and outdoors (supervised only)

Panels slot together via pins and barrels on each side allowing for easy assembly and disassembly and to create any shape you need.
Prevents climbing
Rounded attachments mean the containment area can be shaped as required
Panels simply detach for easy storage when not in use
The standard pen is 6 panels (5 plain + 1 door all 4ft long), covering 32 sq ft.

35.5″ (90cm) High

Mesh 1″ x 5.5 ”

Door 20″ wide, barrier height 12″

We have improved the door securing system to 2 x traditional bolts, and the mesh is vertical to prevent climbing.

Prices subject to change by the supplier without notice.  Refer to suppliers’ website to confirm pricing, availability and to make purchase.