Rhona’s Fostering Story

Fostering Rabbits
The kids had now flown the nest and I was looking for something to occupy my time. Driving to work I noticed an ScottishSPCA van in front of me and decided working with animals would be an idea.

On my return home I scoured the web for something I could, and would like to, do for animals and found FBRC. I have now been fostering for 18 months and have fostered 7 rabbits.

Tyson was a very inquisitive, intelligent, lively and friendly rabbit. He loved to be petted and cuddled. Tyson enjoyed exploring around his hutch and considered himself a stunt man jumping on and off the roof of the hutch.

He loved his toys; the tunnel, the flower pots and toilet rolls.

Tyson was not keen on sawdust and preferred to lie on hay or wood. I would put a substantial amount of sawdust in his
bedding and covered it with hay, but only put a slight covering of sawdust in the living area as otherwise he kicked it all out the hutch to lie on the wood.


Catriona was a very destructive and aggressive rabbit when she first came to stay.

After an escape which my husband foiled she was nicknamed “Psycho Bunny”. She never forgave my husband for catching her and continually attacked him.

Her second attempt was scary as I could hear her but couldn’t see her. Eventually we decided to lift the hutch and there she was stuck underneath.

After neutering she calmed down and became a very docile and lovable rabbit. The change in her was enormous.

Coffee and Cream

Coffee was tiny but cute, loved to be petted and was easily handled. He enjoyed playing in the big run and was nearly always first into the run and last out. He loved to hide in the tunnels and boxes.

Usually you would see his nose or behind sticking out from a tunnel. Coffee had a very sweet tooth and proved difficult to feed initially but he loved broccoli and sweetcorn. He liked to sit on the patch of grass in his run.

Cream was much bigger than Coffee and was certainly the Boss. Often she would nip Coffee in the behind. If Cream and Coffee met head to head in a tunnel Coffee always came out backwards followed by Cream. Cream did all the digging but would use the small hutch when the weather deteriorated. Coffee hid in his plastic tunnels. Cream was more curious than Coffee and would investigate new toys first. Coffee would think and watch before interacting with anything new. Cream adjusted to the nuggets easily but also enjoyed the broccoli never touching the sweetcorn. She was more difficult to handle but would go into the carry case easily. Put the case on the ground and Cream would hop in especially if they had been out in the run all day. Coffee you had to chase as he never wanted to leave the run.

Marvin and Tammi

Marvin and Tammi only stayed with us for 2 days. Marvin hardly came out the hutch, Tammi was more adventurous.

Marvin had an ear infection and we had fun trying to put drops in his ears.

Two very large and cuddly rabbits.


Nadine has been our most challenging rabbit yet.

A young terrified rabbit, who runs at the slightest noise. Catching her or persuading her to come out the hutch has been difficult. She did not interact with us at all. Progress has been slow but with patience she now eats from my hand and both my daughter and I have had cuddles. She has also been seen to be on top of the hutch. We took her indoors one night when the weather was really bad thinking she would be terrified. We gave her a cardboard box to play with and she hid in the box all night only coming out to eat and toilet.

A Varied Role

As far as I am aware Tyson, Catriona, Marvin and Tammi and Coffee & Cream have all found their forever homes. Nadine is still looking for theirs.

I love working with the different personalities and having to find new methods to care for each individual. My husband who was not keen on me volunteering for this now fully interacts with each rabbit. He can often be found out playing with the rabbits especially when we had Coffee and Cream. The fact that FBRC are always there to help or give advice makes it enjoyable and stress free.

Join The Team

If you would like to become a foster carer with Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, please visit http://www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org/foster

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