Reserve a Bunny Buddy and Get Neutering Paid For with RWAF

We’re very excited about the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund’s announcement yesterday about their new RWAF Benevolent Fund.

Firstly, it can be of assistance in a crisis. Rescues such as ourselved often contact RWAF to tell them that they have taken in a large group of rabbits in an emergency situation and they need additional help. RWAF now hope to be able offer the rescues direct financial support in times like this, by paying for neutering and vaccinations, to help get the rabbits ready for rehoming.

As per our blog post on Monday, we’ve recently found ourselves in this very position, and we have recently applied for assistance from the fund and hope to hear word soon.

However, perhaps more beneficial to us and rabbit welfare in general, is the second aim of the new fund. The RWAF want to encourage owners of single rabbits to improve their accommodation and get them a friend. So, they will pay for the neutering costs of a single rabbit (your existing rabbit), provided the accommodation is suitable, and if necessary upgraded to accommodate a pair of rabbits, and the second rabbit is adopted from a rescue centre once the necessary home check is passed.

As we currently have so many singles on our list, we actively encourage people to adopt rabbits from us to pair with their own singles, and this additional fund may make this more achievable for you.

If you have a single rabbit and are considering getting a companion for him or her then please get in touch. You will need to pass a home check with us and we can then reserve your chosen rabbit. You will then need to complete an application form that provides details about the reserved rabbit, your home check and your ability to care for both rabbits on going. If successful, RWAF will pay the vet bill for the neutering of the single rabbit, either direct with the vet, or on production of a recent invoice.

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