Rescue Services Assistants

Our Rescue Services Assistant role, previously offered in partnership with Project Scotland, is an excellent opportunity to build experience of working as part of an animal welfare charity.

The role is wide-ranging, covering many aspects of the charity.  For full details see Rescue Services Assistant.

Bethie Lyttle

Bethie joined the FBRC in 2014 after leaving school at the age of 16.

School wasn’t suited to Bethie’s learning style, and she was keen to leave as soon as she could.  But that didn’t mean she was ready to give up on career goals.  With a desire for animals she was keen to strive towards a career in Veterinary Nursing, and immediately sought out options for further education that would allow her to achieve her ambitions.

She applied for our Rescue Services Assistant role in order to build the experience she would need to apply for the first stage – an NC Animal Care qualification, and covered 6 months in the post.

“Today marks the end of my 6 month volunteer placement at Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care & I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

“I now know ten times more about rabbits than I did previously, I have added to my rabbit family & have made plenty of friends along the way.  Most importantly though – I have gotten myself out there. I have experienced how horrific some rescue cases are and how ignorant people can be.  What better way is there to prepare me for my career? 

“I have taken part in educational events, fundraising events and educational talks with a huge range of age groups. My social skills are better than they were 6 months ago & I am now more confident than I have ever been! 

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I was presented with in November.  It has truly changed my life – I would not be such a different person and possibly would not have gotten into college without my mountain of experience from FBRC.

“A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me during my Project Scotland placement, particularly my mentor, volunteer supervisors and the other volunteers who have been great friends to me!”

“As a result of my placement I was able to complete an SVQ Level 2 distance learning course which I have passed with flying colours and I have also been offered another distance course by SRUC

“I am so glad that I got the opportunity to do the 6 month Project Scotland role.  It has been absolutely incredible and has given me the vast amount of experience I now have!”

Bethie successfully completed her Project Scotland with FBRC, and has now been accepted to start her NC Animal Care course in August 2015.

Natalie Casey

Natalie first started with FBRC as a Care Assistant in Lenzie, as she was keen to gain further experience in animal care as she progressed her plans for a career in Animal Care.

“I started as a Care Assistant in late January and quickly felt I was part of a very friendly team of volunteers who obviously work very hard to keep the charity going.  Not long in, David asked to speak to me and told me about the role of Rescue & Awareness Services Assistant supported by Project Scotland.  I was immediately sure that I wanted to do it and to this day, I will never regret that decision.

“For three months, I went every week for a minimum of 20 hours and had the chance to work along side the other Project Scotland volunteer.  This gave me a chance to build what I now feel are some firm friendships and also a much needed boost in my confidence which I was really lacking.  I gained a real wealth of experience in many areas of how the charity ran and rabbit health and general care as I for two days in my week would devote my time to the rabbits while the other two days, I got to experience a completely different side to things.  I was given a great deal of responsibility which I had never had to deal with before as I dealt with the public, sometimes in circumstances during which they felt very vulnerable which definitely helped me to develop my social skills and understanding in these situations which I know for sure will factor into my future.  I also got to spend a lot of time on the admin side of things collecting information write educational pieces to raise awareness on the proper care of rabbits and also to get creative coming up with ideas for events, charity videos and various forms of media.

“I owe a massive thank you to FBRC – the experience I gained there went a long way to help me gain a place on the course I had my heart set on.  I can honestly say that though I am sad to be finishing as a volunteer, I have gained so much from being part of the team, even for what seems like such a short time.  I have met some amazing, friendly people, tried so many new things and learned so much.  My time has really made me grow as a person as I now feel more confident in my abilities and myself which can only ever be a good thing.

“I would love to say thank you to David, Feona, all the wonderful care assistants and foster carers and of course, I can’t finish without mentioning, the rabbits – so many of you found a place in my heart and there you’ll stay.  I’ll be wishing for a forever home for you all!”

Natalie, who worked alongside Bethie in the role, has also been successful in her application for the NC Animal Care course, and is due to start in August 2015.

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