Rescue Numbers Spring Up

This evening we’ve added 13 rabbits to our rescue networks.

At the start of this week we received a call from a lady who was looking for help with rehoming her rabbits.  She advised she had, as many people do, bought two rabbits sometime ago believing them to be both females.  As it turned out, they were not and over time had been breeding on a relatively frequent basis.  Some of the offspring were passed to new homes.

However she now believed she had 16 rabbits and was finding things a little difficult to manage alongside working 6 days a week.

Whilst we have a large waiting list, we do try to visit cases like this, even at times when we may not be able to offer help immediately.

On arriving we found the rabbits to be kept in very small housing.  Most were in hutches which varied between 1.5ft long to 3ft long.  A few were being kept within triangular shaped runs (approx. 3ft long and only about 1ft wide), and one group of 3 were in a 4ft square run as their living area.  Whilst the hutches were very small, the owner has also been trying to ensure that each rabbit was getting some exercise time every day.

Had this case occurred a few weeks ago, we would have been unable to offer immediate help.  However, thanks to some recent adoptions and The Warren (our overflow facility) being ready for temporary use, we were glad to offer help.  However, this will mean that those on our existing waiting list will now have to continue to wait for longer.  This was not an easy decision to make, but we have prioritised tonight’s case due to the volume of rabbits needing rescued from hutches which we felt were excessively small for their needs.

In reality, the lady actually had 20 rabbits, not the 16 she believed she had.  This evening we have brought 13 of these rabbits in to our network, and intend to collect a further rabbit later in the week when another vacancy becomes available.  This will leave her with 6 rabbits, and we will be working closely with her to ensure that her remaining rabbits are neutered and help her to redevelop the layout of her garden to provide a much more suitable rabbit environment, and ideally would like to see the 6 rabbits being bonded together within a group within a shed-style environment.

Despite the minimal space, all rabbits same to be in relatively good health.  We intend to improve their diet and provide them much greater space and exercise.  One of the rabbits is also suffering from fur mites and will need to be treated for this.  It was clear that their owner did love her rabbits, and her heart was in the right place.  We believe this has been a simple, but all too common, story of things getting out of control combined with a lack of understanding of rabbits real needs.

As you can see from the photos below, they are an excellent range of colours and will make wonderful pets when rehomed.  Each rabbit will be neutered and vaccinated prior to rehoming.

We would encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you think you can provide any of these rabbits a loving, forever home.