Rehoming Request Received

Thank you for getting in touch.  We have now received your rehoming request.

Due to very high demand for these services, we have added your request to our waiting list.  We do prioritise our waiting list based on the circumstances you have explained to us within your request.  However, waiting times can vary significantly from a matter of days to a number of months depending on the availability of foster carers and other factors affecting the rescue.

We have two methods of offering space to people on the waiting list:

  1. Our main approach is to prioritise the waiting list based on the needs of the owner. When your request reaches the top of our waiting list, you will be invited to make arrangements to have the rabbits brought in to the rescue. This can either be done via an appointment for you to bring the rabbits to us or an appointment for one of our volunteers to collect the rabbits from you (dependent on volunteer availability). In this scenario, there is usually time to plan the appointment as appropriate.
  2. Due to logistical reasons within our rescue, primarily related to transfer of rabbits within our foster care network, we sometimes have spaces that need to be filled at short notice. In this situation, we provide an invite to a number of owners on the waiting list asking them to bring their rabbits to us (often same-day). Appointments are offered on a first-come-first-served basis in this scenario. When all appointments are booked, or if owners are unable to attend, this does not affect their position on our waiting list.

Should your circumstances change and you feel your request is more urgent, please get back in touch.

Likewise, should you manage to find a home for your rabbit through alternative means, please do let us know so we can remove you from the waiting list and help other people faster.

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