Reach For The Sky (& Rosie)

Rosie & Sky came into our network of foster carers in early May. Being a young bonded pair, only a matter of weeks old at the time, we thought they’d be snapped up for adoption, but these delightful bunnies are still waiting for their forever home.

Alison, their foster “mummy”, shares her experience of the bunnies:

Rosie and Sky are two five month old sisters I have been fostering for the last 10 weeks. They are absolutely gorgeous and there are only a few tiny differences between them. They are so alike that it can often be difficult to tell them apart, but once you get to know them there are a few tricks to it.

Sky has a wider head than Rosie and is slightly bigger and sturdier than her sister. Her eyes look like rabbit shaped eyes whereas Rosie’s are more a deer shape and she reminds me a lot of Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin.

Their temperaments are almost identical as well although, as with their looks, there are subtle differences that means you can tell them apart.

Sky is more confident around me and loves to come in and sit on my knee for grooming. While I rub her back and head behind her ears she starts grinding her teeth, the rabbit equivalent of cats purring. She allows me to clip her nails without resisting and seems to really enjoy being brushed. Rosie will tolerate handling well as long as you handle her confidently. If she feels insecure she will struggle a little. She is also happy having her nails trimmed and being groomed but I haven’t yet managed to find the spot which would have her grinding her teeth.

When there are new toys in their hutch to be explored it is normally Sky who will look at them and try them out first. They absolutely love to climb and jump so recently I removed their ramp from the hutch and replaced it with a wooden box that they could sit on, use it as a step and sit under it. I also gave them a cat tree so that they could get up high and I frequently find both of them perched up on the top together. I don’t know how they organise themselves once they are up there, I can just imagine one trying to have a scratch and pushing the other one off. They have boundless energy and really need lots of toys to keep them entertained.

The toys don’t have to be expensive for them to enjoy them. A cardboard box could be turned upside down and a doorway cut into it. Toilet roll tubes stuffed with hay and pellets for them to chew and destroy. A big planter could be filled with sand and soil for them to dig in and a few pellets mixed in to give them ‘treasure’ to find. One of their favourite pastimes is chewing. I have found a couple of big sticks from trees whose wood is safe for rabbits and put them in their hutch and run. Here is Sky doing her best to gnaw through one of them.

I currently scatter feed them their pellets. This means that instead of standing at a bowl eating quickly, they have to search for their food. I hide them in boxes, mix them through their hay and spread them out throughout the hutch. I also hand feed them some every day as well which means they look forward to seeing me and don’t dash away immediately. It is fun to watch them going through the hutch searching for the pellets. They dig through their hay and push things around in case there might be one hiding.

They are a lot of fun to watch. Their antics have me amused for ages because they are so active and don’t often stop for a break! They will make a fantastic pair for a new home and people who will enjoy spending time getting to know them.

If you can offer Rosie & Sky a permenant home, please get in touch. As you can see these rabbits are joy to have around, and they really do deserve somewhere to call home. Email, or call 0141 280 3272.

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