RBS CommunityForce – Your Vote Counts


We have been approved as a project taking part in the RBS CommunityForce, which is “”a new initiative working with local communities to support the people, projects and charities making a real difference where you live””.

Members of the public will be invited to vote for their favourite projects during the campaign. This is an excellent opportunity for us, not only as we stand to win up to £6,000, but running alongside this is a drive supported by RBS to find new volunteers to assist with organisations like ours within their local community.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, with an opportunity like this we will be shouting about this a lot over the coming period. If you would like to get involved, even if its just to make a suggestion for something we could do to drive more votes our way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


VOTING CLOSES 12Noon, Monday 24th October 2011!


How We’ll Use The Money


As such a young organisation, the top prize of £6,000 would make a tremendous difference to us. It would give us funds to do so much, including:

  • Ensure we are able to vaccinate and neuter every rabbit that enters our foster care network.
  • Allow us to purchase much needed equipment to better support our foster carers, including better quality hutches & runs.
  • Fund additional publicity around our organisation, which in turn will
    • Allow us to attract additional volunteers
    • Increase enquiries for potential adopters and existing owners who may benefit from our support & advice
    • Improve success rates in bonding partnerships with pet stores and vet practices
    • Increase general rabbit welfare awareness in the West Central Scotland area.


Boosting Our Volunteers


The drive to attract volunteers, will hopefully result in additional foster carers & fundraising volunteers, providing a longer-term boost for our organisation


How You Can Help


VOTE NOW! It’s free and only takes a moment. You get up to 3 votes, so you can also support other local charities at the same time.