Rabbit Update: Maoam

So Maoam is settling in nicely.  He is really chilled and relaxed,  very nosey and just wants to explore EVERYWHERE ! 
He still not too keen on being touched.  When he is eating however, he  is quite happy with you rubbing his nose, but only his nose.  He follows you everywhere though !  He is very comfortable with us walking around him and sitting next to him, just as long as you don’t touch him.
But when it comes to picking him up, he is brilliant.  Not 100% happy with it but when he is in your arms he sits quietly and has a look around and he is even better when putting him back on the ground.  He so clean when it comes to the toilet !  He does it in his box and only his box. 
He just does his own thing.  You don’t really hear him so every now and then you think where is the rabbit and usually he is just lying down on the carpet or on his back legs sniffing up at the guinea pig cage. 
He is such a pleasure and has such a placid nature.

He is currently an outdoor rabbit, but has lots of indoor play time too.

If you think you have the perfect forever home for Maoam please visit http://www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org/adopt.



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