Rabbit Rescue Charity Become Beloved Rabbits

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care was established by husband and wife team David and Feona Bell in December 2010 and has addressed a growing need and demand for rabbit welfare services throughout Scotland.
Since establishing as a foster-based and rabbit-dedicated rescue, we have rescued over 1,300 rabbits, and improved the welfare standards of countless thousands more!
2019 brings a lot of opportunities for us to further improve rabbit welfare and the way we deliver our services to the public, and most importantly the rabbits within our care.

In the future we plan to open new purpose-built facilities aimed at providing better accommodation for rabbits in our care, improved bonding support services, and educational and awareness facilities.  And in the meantime, we progress plans to achieve as much of this as we can in interim premises such as "The Bunny Bothy" appointment office and "The Hoppy Hub" activity space.

To help ensure a firm standing for the charity's future the Office of the Scottish Charity Registrar (OSCR) has approved our formation of a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  As part of the process it is was necessary for us to amend our organisation's name slightly, and we felt that Beloved Rabbits had the hoppy sound to it that represented everything about what we do.

As we establish ourselves under our new brand and charity structure there will be a short period where we may operate under both charities, before Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care is completely disbanded.