Rabbit Groups Month

You’ll hopefully have heard about Rabbit Awareness Week, a national campaign focussing on rabbit welfare running from 15th to 22nd September.

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care are in the process of planning a few things to coincide with the RAW week, and assuming we manage to get everything in place in time we’re hoping it will be of use and a bit of fun too.

We decided to expand our focus a little a launch September as “Rabbit Groups” month.  During the month we’ll post blogs, articles, questions, stories and comments about the advantages (and disadvantages) of keeping rabbits in small groups as opposed to singles or pairs.  Keep an eye out for regular info on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

We’re also hoping, all being well, to run a few competitions throughout the month, so watch this space.

Why not get involved?  Share your questions, comments & stories with us, and spread the word amongst family & friends.