Rabbit Co-ordinator

Our Rabbit Co-ordinators are central to the success of our new plan.

Each Rabbit Co-ordinator will be aligned to a small group of foster carers.

When a rabbit is placed with a foster carer, the Rabbit Co-ordinator will be in touch within a few days to discuss the rabbits care plan.  Through this informal chat, which may happen by phone, video call, messenger, WhatsApp – or whatever tool works for you both, the Rabbit Co-ordinator and Foster Carer will chat about the rabbits' health, behaviour, diet, temperament, likes and dislikes and together they will agree on a Care Plan for each rabbit.

The Rabbit Co-ordinator will help identify appointments needed at The Bunny Bothy and advise the foster carer of any vet appointments that should also be booked.

The Rabbit Co-ordinator will record the entire care plan within Shelter Manager, our online software for managing all our rabbit and adoption records.  So all the management team, care teams and Bunny Bothy teams will be able to see exactly what is happening and when for that rabbit.

The Rabbit Co-ordinator’s will ensure accurate, consistent recording of data throughout the process.

And after that chat, they also know more about the rabbits too – so they will help ensure we have an accurate bio in place for sharing on the website and social media too.

The Skills You Need:

When you boil it right down, our Rabbit Co-ordinators perform an administrative function, ensuring all our records for rabbits within the network are maintained, accurate, and available to other members of the team. It helps make sure a rabbits journey is traceable and auditable. Rabbit Co-ordinators therefore need to be computer literate, and have attention to detail.

But in reality the role is so much more than that, and we think it is an exciting opportunity.

As well as administrative capabilities, we are looking for people who enjoy talking about rabbits, and through the art of conversation can paint a picture – you will be creating our bios for the website and social media that ultimately will secure these rabbits the right home. You will have the ability to ask your foster carers the right questions to really understand what a rabbit needs, and help the foster carer to work out the right care plan for each bunny. You will help take the chore out of ensuring routine activities are committed to, and encourage foster carers to be excited about giving you updates on how the rabbits are getting on. You will have an excellent desire for customer service, treating your foster carers and their rabbits as your customer at all times, and have a passion for your critical role in ensuring a happy journey from surrender to adoption for each rabbit. You will be an essential part of the fostering and adoption process, and directly contribute to our success in rescue and adoption rates.

What's In It For You?

  • Utilise and develop your skills in fundraising, events, people management, and team work.
  • Be part of making a positive change to animal welfare in your area.
  • Enjoy being part of a team of active and enthusiastic volunteers.
  • Pivotal to the growth and development of a young Scottish charity.
  • An invaluable way to turn a hobby into community benefit.

Additional Notes:

Due to the nature of the role:

  • An interview process will be followed to select the right person.
  • Details of the interview requirements will be shared upon application.
  • Whilst the role is voluntary in nature, there is still an expectation of regular commitment to the charity’s activities.
  • Applicants should ensure they have suitable availability to commit to the role.
  • An initial probationary period may apply, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

This role reports directly to the charity’s Foster Care Manager.


Working from your own home, with regular commitments at HQ in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow and events throughout Central Scotland.

Working Hours

Flexible, but as required. Most volunteers offer their time during evenings and weekends alongside other work and family commitments.


Part-time equivalent, estimated to be a 1-2 hours per day. Minimum commitment of 12 months due to charity investment in the role.

More Information?

To request more details ahead of application, please contact us.

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