Rabbit Awareness Week – Photo Competition

Rabbit Awareness Week is coming!  This year, it runs from 4th May – 12th May 2013.

We’re planning various activities throughout Rabbit Awareness Week, starting with our online photo competition “”I Kissed A Bunny And I Liked It””.

During RAW we plan to emphasise the benefits and necessity for rabbits to be kept in pairs or small groups, demonstrating their playful nature and their desire for constant company.  We figured what better way to do this than to show off everyone’s rabbits doing the thing they enjoy best – bunny kisses.

We want you to submit your photos of your bunny kisses – either you kissing your rabbit, your rabbits kissing each other, or even rabbits with other animals.

Entries can be submitted online NOW and until the end of 3rd May 2013.

During Rabbit Awareness Week, we’ll then be asking members of the public to vote on the competition entries.

Winning entries will receive a free 1-hour photo shoot kindly donated by Robyn Lewis Pet Photography, and your winning entry will also be used in our literature and adoption posters.

For more details, and to enter for FREE visit http://www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org/raw

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