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Rabbit Awareness Week runs from 27th June - 01 July 2022, and focuses our attention on the importance of space for our rabbits as we consider giving Room For Rabbits!

  • 1. Room For Rabbits

    Learn more about just how much space your rabbits need to live a healthy, happy life!

  • 2. Enter Our Prize Draw

    Why not take the chance to improve your living space by entering our Prize Draw to win a brand new LG 50" Smart K Ultra HD LED TV for your home.

    Simply text SPACE to 70215 for more information and to enter the prize draw.

  • 3. Make The Change

    Got rabbits at home?  Why not consider ways you can improve their space and make the change.  It will improve your rabbits' lives, but you will also find that it makes it easier to interact with them and enjoy your pets too.

  • Size Matters

    Rabbits need loads of space to be able to exercise, stretch and allow their bodies to develop.  Without this, they can suffer issues including obesity, muscle wasting, chronic pain and more.

    In addition, the wrong environment has a detrimental impact on the rabbits' mental wellbeing.

    Find out more about the latest recommend space requirements here.

  • Permanent Access To Space!

    The research also shows that our rabbits need access to the full space 24/7.  This is due to their need to have the freedom to choose to move when it bests suits them, rather than in their owners schedule.

    As crepuscular animals, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk, their periods of activity are often at time when its not as easy for us to "let them out for some exercise".